A Musical Lament


A Musical Lament by Kiersten Hogan, August 7, 2017

Take me back to those glory days in The Suburbs. To those days when I’d play music in my Neighborhood that had meaning, that made me feel. That kind of music where Soul Meets Body, and no matter what time the Clocks would say, all I’d want to do is Just Dance. Those days are over now. This Love I once had for my favorite artists, bands, etc., may not be the same, but it is still there. I Will Wait for them to return to what made them special to me, and even if they never do, I’ll still stand by them Til Kingdom Come.

This lamentation has been a long time coming. Many of my favorite bands and musical artists have so completely changed their sounds that they aren’t even the same group that I originally fell in love with. You may not like the same artists as me, and you might even like the new stuff by these particular ones, but I think we’ve all had at least one experience of loving an artist’s music the first time we listened to them, but then didn’t enjoy some of the albums that followed.

Like I mentioned above, I stand by my favorite artists, even when they create something that I don’t enjoy. What sparked this post is the release of Arcade Fire’s “Everything Now,” which is literally one of the worst things I have ever heard from them. Like – I just can’t even believe it’s Arcade Fire. And it’s SO sad to me!! They are a band that has meant so much to me, and I’m almost hurt by the fact that they created this album that I think is just horrible. But guess what? When they release another album in a few years, you better believe I’ll be giving it a shot. Just because their last two albums haven’t been as great doesn’t mean I’m going to abandon them completely.

The other artists that I linked above fall into the same category. Here’s a breakdown:

-Arcade Fire: The Suburbs is my last favorite album by them. Reflektor was okay, but Everything Now is not good.

-Death Cab for Cutie: Narrow Stairs was my last favorite album. Codes and Keys and Kintsugi have like one or two songs that I like, which isn’t enough.

-Coldplay: They completely changed their sound with Mylo Xyloto and haven’t gone back to their original sound since. This has been the most devastating to me. There are many songs that I’ve liked on their albums since then, but I used to LOVE Coldplay. Now, they’re incredibly mediocre, which kills me to say.

-Lady Gaga: Here’s an artist who changed her sound completely with Joanne, but at least I can respect her change. It is an incredibly well-done album and has some great songs, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say it wasn’t my favorite from her. Hoping there’s another dance album to come now that filming has wrapped on A Star is Born (CANNOT WAIT!!).

-Maroon 5: They used to be one of my all-time favorites. And then they released “Moves Like Jagger,” and I have maybe loved one song since. So disappointing. I mean, I’ve seen them in concert more than any other artist I think!

-Mumford and Songs: They abandoned their bluegrass style for pure “rock” on Wilder Mind, and I was not a fan. Why can’t you stick to what made people love you?! Also, the featured image on this post is from their concert in 2016. Even though their latest album wasn’t great, I went to their show, and it was AMAZING!

Basically, I’m sad so many of my favorite musical artists have changed their sound since when I first loved them, but I will always have a special place for them in my hearts. I’ll continue to play their old stuff like a hipster until their new stuff come back around full circle.



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